Sunday, March 14, 2010

Desk...notes...yeah, yeah, yeah

COUNT: 87 pgs/34,009 wrds...most of all time!

Just wanted to throw that out there. I'm really happy that I'm getting this in and down on the page. There's really nothing scarier than the white expanse of tundra that is the blank page. Now that it gets more and more covered with black ant-like words crawling over it, it doesn't seem so scary. I've gotten things done. I've gotten ideas written down and solidified to some level. Sure it'll change and transform but it's THERE.

Keeping the excitment level ihgh in the story is important and this scene has been in my mind for months now. It came fairly easy for me. All of that and I have a big goal in place for this story/novel...FINISHED BY AUGUST 25th. That date would make it one year exactly from the day I started writing it. It can be done!

Here's a smaller and closer goal for you Jay, 100pgs. Make it happen!

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