Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Change is...GOOD?

I've been looking at my story and the creation arc it's been taking. Surprises are jumping up and hitting me in the face with a frying pan because these words are not the ones I envisioned when the main idea struck me last summer. These characters are not the same characters I began writing about. Some of the plots and settings are different (although the main theme of redemption has held true) going from an alternative reality Earth to a completely fictional fantastic world to the story being set in our modern world...specifically my own state and county!

The craziest part of this process and maybe a nugget of wisdom if I may impart one, change is GOOD! Instead of changing things as I wrote and feeling that my story was falling apart in the past, I'm taking the view that this creation is fighting to live and breathe. I see it as keeping the story moving and fresh in my mind whereas before when I would fight the change, the story failed to bring me the same joy every time I came to the keyboard. Now, I can't wait to find what might transpire. Not to say that I have no idea where it's going. Quite the contrary, I also found I need an ending in mind and a good trusty roadmap to get me there. But the quest to find the ending is continually twisting in directions I never thought of at first.

You really have to let the story breath and take on it's own life. As a parent, I try to push my kids in directions that I would like to see them go in but ultimately, they'll end up doing what they want in this life. Sure, I can guide them along but they will meander and form their own opinions and outlooks on their world. Our characters are much the same...let them do it! After all, this is only the first draft and things will change even after it's all said and done.

Embracing the changes as they come whenever I get another chance to sit down. As it is, work, school and kids are taking over the next couple of days. Again proving my point.

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