Tuesday, February 24, 2009


You always seem to lift me up from this despair
Drag me off my knees time and time again
Hand me this glimmering tool to keep me floating
The ground gives way and it only weighs me down

…this only gives me a chance to even the score

Drawing circles now around me
If only this sweet solitude surrounds me
And my painted window keeps my vision clear
Only then will everything hold value

Sitting, searching…remaining anonymous
Willing, waiting…just the perfect moment
Preying, patiently…I keep myself in hiding
Until the new dawn breaks

Draw myself now within me
Embrace this sweet solitude that is me
And my painted window thrust it open clear
The ground gives way as I drag you all back down

The day comes…


wait and see…

if you think I scared you before…

wait and see.

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Yeah, I've been working...

Haven't posted in January but I've been semi-busy with a story. The rest of my time has been divided up between work, home, and school work...as always. Speaking of the story though, I have to say that I like where it's going and how it's pacing (seems like I might be able to stretch it into a novella at least)! The series of stories feels like it wants to breathe and squirm around for awhile. I love it, and their world is growing slowly for now but at least it's still growing.

The desert is the stage, the man grips gravity and finds an acquaintance to hold onto in a world that begins to show the signs of spinning out of control. Can he hold all of it down? Can he retain some semblance of normalcy? Probably not...ha ha!

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