Sunday, August 3, 2008

Latest news from "Theives Of The Mark"

Progress is continuing and after three chapters we stand at 5,021 words/18 pages. The chapters are relatively short in a Dean Koontz style. Keeps the flow "flowing" I guess.

I'm not really sure if word count is important but perhaps it's a fact that publishers would want to know. I put it here basically to map some progress as Karen Miller has been doing on her blogs for Witches INC. Also this can put you at a relative page count...150,000 words/535 pages (roughly). That seems like a good goal to shoot for, eh?

Writing more today if I can...besides, I just realized that Brandon Sanderson avoids a somewhat necessary prologue by placing bits of it at the beginning of each chapter. What does this accomplish? it serves the information in tiny, digestible amounts while creating some mystery of where it's coming from without boring the redaer with "uneeded information just for the sake of background". I'm sure others do this and White Wolf has put many different things atop their chapter headings over the years; song lyrics, bible passages, poems, small related scenes, character name it. Maybe I'll try to fit in a description of the Coming of The Mark into this style.

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