Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Here's the next 1100 page challenge...I've heard so many times that King takes too long to get going but even for this gigantic volume, I felt the beginning really soared from the get-go. Maybe I'm just used to King's style as I've been reading him for the last couple of decades. It surprises even me that I haven't picked this up until now (I've owned this book for 10 years at least). Everything in its own time though right?

It seems like the individual character intros in chapter three could've been written at completely different times as separate elements...just peeks into other lives. Character studies so to speak. Just wrap each one around a central theme like getting a phone call that demands to be answered. I cannot get my head around the possibility that was the way this chapter, if not other parts of the book, took form. If my speculation is off the mark, it still doesn't matter because I can attack my stories from the same stance.

That sums up the novel that I'm working on at the moment. Five stories that seem on the outset as separate accounts but they continue to build on a central story and the at the end, wrap around each other comfortably and satisfyingly. I hope to have a piece of that up here soon.

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